Email Marketing: 10 Reasons You Can’t Ignore It

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Email marketing has never been more important than it is today. In this digital age, consumers expect that companies will be using email to reach out to them and make them feel special. Email marketing allows businesses to connect with customers in ways that were previously impossible and opens the door for brands to create meaningful relationships with their customers.

1) How many emails do you send a day?

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I spend a lot of my time sending emails. I try to send at least five a day, but sometimes it will be more. I find that this is one of the most effective ways to connect with readers and learn about what they are interested in. I never know when someone might have an idea for a great blog post or ask me a question that leads to some interesting research.

2) Who else should be sending out emails?

In order to be a successful business, you should be sending out emails on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone! Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with customers and current clients while also promoting your business and its services or products. If you’re looking for some help with your email marketing, try using an email marketing company like Mailchimp. They make the process so easy and affordable!

3) What’s the best way to get people on your email list?

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The best way to get people on your email list is to offer an incentive for them to sign up. For example, if you have a sports blog, offer a free fantasy football guide or a free NFL preview for the upcoming season in exchange for their email address.

4) Do your emails look good on mobile?

It’s important to consider how your emails will look on mobile devices. If you have a lot of text, for example, it might be difficult to read and navigate when viewed on a small screen. Mobile-responsive design is the best way to ensure that your email looks good no matter what kind of device it’s being viewed on.

5) Building an email list takes time. Be patient

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Building an email list takes time. Be patient and keep your eye on the prize. Once you’ve built a strong list of people who want to hear from you, you’ll be in a much better position to market effectively and turn leads into customers.

6) Don’t let spammy emails get in your way

No one likes to receive spam email, but they can sometimes be hard to avoid. If you are getting too many of these messages in your inbox and they are distracting you from important correspondence, there are a few things you can do about it.

  • Try unsubscribing from the mailing lists that send you emails without permission
  • Create a folder for new messages that come in
  • Check your filters for keywords like unsubscribe or opt out

7) Always give people something in return for their email address

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People are always looking for new ways to improve their lives, and if you can provide them with something in return for their email address, they’ll be more than happy to sign up. The best thing about an email list is that it’s a great way to build relationships with your customers and show that you care about what they want.

8) Get permission first!

I would love to write a post on your blog about email marketing. I have researched the topic extensively and have a strong understanding of it that I would like to share with your audience. Please let me know if this is something you are interested in! Thank you for considering my request.

9) Let your audience know when they’ll hear from you again

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In the future, we will explore the psychology of email marketing and how to write a killer email. Until then, make sure you sign up for our mailing list to get updates on new blog posts! Don’t have time? Check out these posts on emails that work (or don’t) as well as what happens when your company falls victim to a phishing attack.

10) Look at successful email campaigns and learn from them!

  • Keep your message clear, simple and concise.
  • Use an appropriate subject line to grab attention and get people to open the email.
  • Try using a call-to-action in your email that makes it easy for recipients to take action on the offer you’re presenting in the email. For example, you might write Subscribe now or Download our free report.

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